from euphoria to hell
Все-таки более мотивационной песни мне еще не попадалось. Если вкратце, то основная суть
«Don't be left unsatisfied
Someday each of us will die» :gigi:

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We're all off to meet our maker
And I know we won't go far
If there's a chance at life, it's not in sight
When you watch the world go dark
When you take a chance and you throw it up
If you watch to see where it falls
Even in the end it'll always end up small

So don't waste your time, just free your mind
Beyond this you can't look behind
Move on forth to a place above it all
Head up high into the sky
Just take a chance and try to fly
Leave it all and we will never fall

So ride on together til sunrise again
We ride on forever til the very end
We ride on together no matter the cost
No journey's too great and no chances are lost
Never hold back against a dream you wanted long
Keep on movin' on..

Look real hard into yourself and see if you can find
That burning light that's shining bright inside us all tonight
A wasted day to a wasted month to a wasted life you'll find
That without a dream you might as well be blind

Don't be left unsatisfied
Someday each of us will die
No turning back to see what's dead and gone
A challenge beard is a challenge shared
Just face your fear now, don't be scared
Hold your ground, no fate can hold us down

Each and all of us have time in their life,
A self-realization that with all regret turns to light

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